It’s only taken 54 years, but now I know when to put down the project. I’ve taken this one as far as I want to…to here…

because I want to spend my little free time doing this stuff…my business.

This one features a vintage map of London with old octopus image. Looks better in person, as do most of us.


Finally got the slip cut. Used a beautiful apricot colored silk with gold embroidery as the base. Could not find any lace to my liking at Joannes (the only choice in town) so I used another silk sari and cut bias strips for the “lace.” Here is a pic showing the colors. I must say I like it!

I am also practicing speed sewing to get fasterImage so please disregard any rough spots.


I had saved a bunch of time for a daughter’s wedding dress, where the goal was to recreate a gorgeous de la Renta resort day dress…anyway that got cancelled hallejuia thank the gods as I feared she wouldn’t be happy…She evidently feared the same so phew. The link won’t work (flash) so here is an image…

That means I can start the Challenge Slip pattern today.

I shopped for lace and only found junky stuff at Joannes (sigh) so I will improvise with plan B. I will use vintage sari silk for main fabric, with bias bands stitched on top for the contrast. Not planning to trim out the fabric behind at all. We’ll see for the neckline trim….

That question will be answered soon, as I struggle to shoehorn in this new project.

First post, first blog, first pattern, let’s see how long it takes me to find lace.